Living Well, Spending Less / Unstuffed Study Guide

Always Wanting And Ending Up Having Too Much Is Not The Good Life God Intended.The Good Life Is One Defined Not By What We Have But By Who We Are If You Feel Stressed Out Or Overwhelmed, These Two Companion Studies Will Help You Discover The Way To A Life Rich In Faith, Family, Friends And A Budget That Balances With Space To Breathe Take Back Your Life From The Stuff That Is Weighing You Down Living Well Spending LessDo You Define The Good Life By What You Have, Or By Who You Are Do You Feel Stressed Out And Overwhelmed, Wondering How To Attain The Life You Really Want, All While Keeping Within A Budget That Gives You Space To Breathe Inthis Four Session Video Bible Study, Ruth Soukup Explores The Two Sides Of The Cure For Overindulgence And The Chaotic Life It Creates First, In Living Well, Ruth Helps Us Redefine The Good Life We May Be Overspending And Overconsuming To Try To Experience The Good Life, When What We Actually Need To Do Is Change The Desires Of Our Heart The Other Side Of The Cure Is Spending Less By Developing Good Habits Of Living On A Budget, Saving On Groceries, And Keeping A Clean And De Cluttered Home.UnstuffedHave You Ever Felt That Your Life And Your Household Is Spiraling Out Of Control Clutter Spilling Onto Counters And Coffee Tables, Creating Havoc Everywhere You Look In Her Second Four Session Video Bible Study, Ruth Continues The Process Of Freeing Us From Being Overwhelmed By A Life Filled With Too Much Too Many Things And Too Much Activity Discover That Closet Space Is Not The Solution, And Instead Learn How To Set Strict Limits For The Stuff We Bring In Recognize The Pitfalls Of An Overstuffed Schedule And Learn To Combat The Culture Of Busy And Begin To Cultivate Real Friendships While Eliminating The Toxic Relationships That Weigh You Down.Living Well Spending Less Sessions Include What Is The Good Life Finding Your Sweet SpotDevelop Good HabitsLess Stuff Equals More JoyUnstuffed Sessions Include HomeMindSoulUnstuffed For GoodThis Study Guide Is Designed For Use With The Living Well Spending Less Unstuffed Video Study, 9780310092469 Sold Separately.Living Well, Spending Less / Unstuffed Study Guide

!!> PDF / Epub ☉ Living Well, Spending Less / Unstuffed Study Guide  ✩ Author Ruth Soukup –
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Living Well, Spending Less / Unstuffed Study Guide
  • Ruth Soukup
  • 20 November 2018
  • 9780310092445

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