Lots of Christmas Jokes for Kids

Christmastime Just Got A Whole Lot Merrier With Lots Of Christmas Jokes For Kids Over 250 Hilarious, Kid Friendly Jokes And Riddles Will Make The Whole Family Laugh Out Loud Q Why Is It Always Cold At Christmastime A Because Christmas Is In Decembrrrr Q Who Delivers Christmas Presents To Cats A Santa ClawsLots of Christmas Jokes for Kids

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  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Lots of Christmas Jokes for Kids
  • Whee Winn
  • 19 February 2017
  • 9780310767107

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    LOTS OF CHRISTMAS JOKES FOR KIDS is just that Wintery Christmas jokes that is sure to delight the youngster on your gift list but is guaranteed to drive the adult listening to the jokes batty.My youngest daughter is at the tail end of the recommended ages for this book actually a bit older and she LOVES it She read pretty much the entire joke book to me, having me guess the answers I m happy to announce I actually got four answers right and I told her to sic it on her friends next She s excited to do so I m excited she has a new target besides me If your favorite child loves jokes, grab a copy of LOTS OF CHRISTMAS JOKES FOR KIDS They will be glad you did I was given a copy free All opinions are my own.

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    Without even opening the book, I know it is going to be a hit with my students They love joke books We have several from this series in our library but they are rarely on the shelves I love this note from the beginning of the book Lots of Christmas Jokes for Kids is just the place to find good old clean and corny jokes that will have everyone around the Christmas tree snorting in the eggnog and giggling in their Christmas cookies After reading the jokes in this book I couldn t agree I don t know how author Whee Winn came up with so many great Christmas jokes but the book has over 100 pages of great jokes.Which Christmas carol can you hear in the produce aisle O Come Lettuce Adore HimWhat happens if you clap for some holly It ll take a bough.What did Adam say the day before Christmas It s Christmas, Eve.Okay, that is probably enough but you get the idea This book is full of the kind of jokes children in second grade and up love to share They may also be the type that could be considered Dad jokes While lots of Christmas jokes for kids is from Zondervan, typically considered a Christian publisher, most of the jokes in the book are secular in nature.If you are looking for books to add to your Christmas collection or looking for one last stocking stuffer for that joke lover on your list, I recommend lots of Christmas jokes for kids.I received a copy of lots of Christmas jokes for kids from Zondervan in exchange for this honest review.

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    I am SO reading some of these jokes to my students every day of December from now on There are some great ones tucked in here Example Why does Santa like to go down chimneys Because they soot him.

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