A Little Faith

ALL THE MEN OF OCEAN BEACH SERIES TO DATE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED Retro Cooper, Jase Aka Text Madden, Harley Madden, Keanu Lee, And Levi Donovan Are The Men From Ocean Beach Who All Share In A Tragic Loss Retro, The Owner Of Peace Cafe, Is A Straight Shooter When The Opportunity Arises To Make A Wrong, Right, He Won T Waste Time Picking Up From Where He Left Off Although Six Years Have Passed, He Won T Let A Second Chance Slip Through His Fingers Because Love Never Felt So Right.Jase Aka Text, His Pain Has Silenced Him For Six Years He S Not Spoken A Word In That Time, Much To His Brother, Harley S Despair Eye Rolling And Middle Finger Saluting Are His Forms Of Communication When His Inner Monologue Isn T Melting Your Heart.Harley S Guilt For Sending Jase In His Place, Six Years Ago, Drives Him To Want To Protect His Brother And Friends In Any Way He Can He Makes It His Mission To Get His Brother To Talk, Although It Seems An Impossible Task Most Of The Time He Goes Above And Beyong To Ensure His Friends Have What They Need It S The Least He Can Do.Keanu Uses Humor And Puns At Every Turn As A Weapon To Keep A Lid On His Pain He Will Make You Laugh And Cry The Way He Handles The Hurt That Riddles His Heart And Mind Levi And Keanu Were Each Other S Wingman Until Everything Fell Apart In Their Lives Now They Share An Even Deeper Bond Levi, The Tattooed Model, Wears The Pages Of His Story In Ink On His Body When Faith Reed Arrives In San Diego, Life Gets Turned Upside Down For This Strong Brotherhood Of Men Slowly Drowning In Their Past, Faith Brings With Her Something They Will All Need To Move Forward With Their Lives.Faith, Aka Short Stuff, Is The Key To Unlocking The Hurt These Men Carry Around With Them Because Sometimes All You Need In Life Is A Little Faith But Not Even Faith Can Predict The Turn Of Events That Will Lead To Swooning In The Bathroom, Ring Tones Speak Louder Than Words, A Past Love Resurfacing, Misdirected Jealousy, An Ex Special Forces Soldier Now Turned Bartender And A Dreadlocked Beauty Word Sparring Every Chance They Get An Overweight Black Labrador Who Doesn T Know How To Stand Guard And Two Brothers Who Are In Crush With Faith No, There Is No Love Triangle Phew This Story Is Rich In Humor, Emotion, Twists, Surprises, And There Is Sex Tissues Are Optional.Please Be A Mature Aged Reader These Men Know How To Sizzle Up The Pages Fan On High Is Optional On The Surface, This Read Might Look Like Hearts And Flowers New Adult Contemporary Romance, But The Men Of OB Will Dive Deep Into Your Heart, Twist It Out Of Shape And Then Make Your Toes Curl.95% Story 5 % Naughty.A Little Faith


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  • A Little Faith
  • Emma James
  • English
  • 21 August 2017

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    4 break my heart why don t you STARS Too many people don t stop to smell the roses I do Life is too short This is by far the hardest review I had to write I can t tell you anything without giving away the big elephant in the room that determines the outcome of every freaking action and relationship in this book And you know what, said elephantand or event that dominates this whole book takes place at the end of the first chapter.When I read it my jaw hit the ground To say I didn t see it coming is the understatement of the century and even telling you something happens won t prepare you for the actual event Trust me I thought the blurb was pretty vague but intriguing and let me tell you the blurb writer did a good job all things considered This is one of those books you want to go in blind and just let the story unfold.Suffice it to say, I actually really liked A Little Faith It s unique And that s not just a phrase The way Ms James set up all the characters, bound them together with one big event and let all their lives play out in the aftermath is actually really amazing What actually happened on that island I have so many stories I ve missed out on I only played one story over and over in my head It was only one chapter when there are so many So, I m going to try and set it all up a little Faith is a almost twenty...

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    6 Star Review Spoiler Free Review Wow Wow Wow A Little Faith by Emma James was astonishing This book came as a complete surprise and kept me glued to the pages The characters jumped out of the pages and pulled me into their world They made me experience their lives They shared their lives with an open honesty and generous hearts They made me admire their strength, courage, generosity, and dedication to one another Their lives were fractured by one horrific event They faced adversity with an eloquent spirit They were not left untouched They carry their scars with grace They deal with their nightmares by depending on one another They don t allow this horrific event to defeat them They allow that moment in time to define the remarkable men they are today They will always be haunted by the memories but will move forward in life with a positive attitude They will allow these memories to define the men they have become today They are remarkable.The synopsis for this book tells very little about the story itself It is enough to ...

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    A Little Faith is a story with strong direction, well defined characters outlined with a marvellously written story line and a story driven by a solid plot.It s filled with love, heartache , friendship and faith This story is so realistic a mixture of heartfelt moments , laugh out loud scenes and such a surreal mix off realism It will draw you into the pages and into the lives of the characters from Ocean Beach Initially to start the first chapter is a tad slowish the chatter and POV from Chance s perspective is a little slower to roll but this is needed I realized after reading and hitting that moment within the story, It gives insight into his character and thoughts as the story flows it makes perfect sense THis is certainly not a bad thing the story line keeps you engrossed and hooked till the very last page The characters are flawed, real and imperfect We see a bond between friends that span over the years, a connection and scars within, that need to be healed and answers that need fulfilling We see friendships build, love bloom and romance surface But most of all friendships growing and an understanding between them all Emma James paints a vivid picture within her story, both emotionally and physically As a reader I can see and feel a bond within the characters Giving the story line depth and definition I laughed, I sniffled and my heart was torn reading this story each and every character having their own story to tell Ocean B...

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    So, I fully admit that I m a lover of hot guy pics and can t pass up a hot guy on a book cover So when I saw the picture below as promotion for the book, wellcolor me intrigued by all those hot guys I ll be completely honest and say that the blurb didn t really tell me much about what this book was about blushing I was completely drawn in by the dream casting pic And I totally fell for Slade at first sight and he became the guy I was rooting for He was also the only guy that was not listed in the description so I figured, by process of elimination, he s going to be the hero, the love interest of the heroine Wrong Nope, he was into a secondary character, the sister of Retro I was beyond disappointed because a he s hot, b he s former military which is hot , c he s alpha againhot , and d that pic is just plain hot I won t go into to details and spoil it, but there s a traumatic event in the beginning of the book that changes the lives of Faith, Harley, Levi, Keanu, Retro and Jace aka Text Each one of them has dealt with it in their own way and six years later, they re still coping Each guy has secrets and slowly, over the course of the book, they reveal those to Faith as they all begin to heal Since Slade was ruled out of the ...

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    Editorial Review.This book is written very much differently than other books There are multiple POVs, giving the reader a broader perspective on what s going on in the lives of these friends It works because there is so much going on, and the story is progressing You are going to eventually get a separate story from each character However, with what this group is going through, and holy cow it is a lot, the reader needs to see how each individual is coping and moving onor not moving on.The prologueyeah, that was really hard to get through emotionally Let s leave it at that.The first part of the book is mostly between Faith and Harley, with a little bit of POVs from the rest of the gang And wow, character development was amazing Each character was so unique, so lovable, and you just felt like you were there with them.The end of the book was mostly Retro and Birdie s stor...

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    4.5 Fantastic Debut Stars Oh, there s so much I want to say about A Little Faith And yet there s so much I can t say because to do so would spoil the experience This story begins with a shockthe tear your heart out kind of shock I was immediately riveted.This is such an original story From its unique cast of characters, whom I m already so invested in, the multiple POV narration, to the tragic incident that shaped them all into the people they ve become A Little Faith is fascinating The story revolves around this group of guys that are so close, they re like brothers And they ve suffered this horrific event and it s brought them closer in some ways but divided them in others And Faith is the person who keeps them together and can hopefully put them back together We learn how the tragedy has affected them emotionally and physicallyat least some of them I think we ve barely scratched the surface though.I like the diversity of characters Ms James incorporated These guys and girls are not perfect they have flaws and scars, both visible and not And the event that rocked their world was so realisticand their issues resulting from it are as well It all felt so organic and true.I really like how Ms James tied together the act of having faith and th...

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    This story is one of survival, strength and moving forward.The characters are fun loving and complex, they draw you into their lives.Once there you want, no you need to know about them.I was drawn to the emotional pull these characters have, not only about them selves but for each other.I was surprised by plot twists that had me not liking the author, but quickly realized it was what brings this book together.What i loved was this story h...

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    Wow I m hooked I can t wait for the next book Review to come

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    If you only read one book this year then let this book be it It s a story of strength, courage, survival, love and friendship Bound by unbreakable ties and scars that they all bear scars from, the Ocean Beach gang all have their own burdens to carry and their own tale to tell It s a tale that you want no need to hear From the very first chapter my heart broke and mended itself countless times as I followed this amazingly beautiful story It had a little bit of everything I laughed as well as cried and I enjoyed every minute of this story.The characters came alive on the pages and I lived every moment alongside them all Lovable and flawed by the end I felt as though I knew each if them personally That I had seen a part of their souls.This book goes above and beyond a romance novel There is a depth to...

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