Sent as the Vikings Bride

She S The Wife He Doesn T Want And The Woman He Needs Desperate To Escape Her Murderous Brother In Law And Protect Her Young Sister, Ragnhild Agrees To Marry An Unknown Warrior, And Arrives Penniless On His Remote Island Only, Gunnar Olafson S Belief In Love Died With His Family He Does Not Want A Bride But As Yuletide Approaches, Ragnhild Transforms His Isolated Existence Can She Melt Her Viking Warrior S Frozen HeartSent as the Vikings Bride

➪ Sent as the Vikings Bride  Read ➲ Author Michelle Styles –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Sent as the Vikings Bride
  • Michelle Styles
  • 07 July 2019
  • 9781335634887

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    In the past I have tried reading Viking romances and they was always a disappointment, either by the characters or the writing So I hear you ask what has changed my mind, well for one Ms Styles is an author I can trust, I have read quite a few of her Historical romances and enjoyed those books a lot.The characters in the book take you on this wonderful journey that starts from the first chapter right to the last chapter, I mean whats not to love a brooding hero who has a loving heart and a heroine who is protecting her sister, add in Christmas and for me this made the book even perfect.So now that the nights are long, all you need to do is have a lovely fire a snuggle blanket and hot chocolate, and this lovely book, then you will have the perfect night.For this reason I give this book 5 5 stars and I can highly recommend it I received an advanced copy from the author in return for a honest review, all thoughts are my own.

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    Firstly, I have to say that this beauty is way, way than a mere five star at least a ten Now this is how a Viking romance is done, this is absolutely fabulous Michelle Styles really is one of my go to authors for Viking romances, this brings together everything I love Vikings, history and Christmas romances What s not to love And I love this so much, it is a truly magical, seasonal read, that will be pulled of the keeper shelf to be read and re read over and over again.Gunnar has hung up his warriors sword to make a new life for himself on is new farm on a remote island, where he can have the peace and sanctuary he has been desperately wanting for most of his adult life He life of going to war, drinking himself into oblivion and bedding any female he finds with a pulse all so alleviate the pain he has to endure daily over what happened to his family, is now becoming wearisome Even he knows that the way he was living is no good, so when he gets the opportunity to start afresh Gunnar takes it with both hands He has set his heart against anything to do with romance and love, that idea died to him long ago.Gunnar is a complex man, he appears all brooding, monosyllabic and actually rather rude and a tad arrogant, but that is just a mask of the real man beneath He is actually quite sensitive, lonely, he feels guilt ridden over what happened to his family and because of that he has closed of his heart to love, he thinks that if he allows someone in they will leave him in one way or another He thinks all he is good for is fighting, which is far, far from the truth He is a wonderful, passionate, stubborn, kind, sympathetic, loyal, sexy and oh, my goodness is he sexy, or what I was definitly swooning especially when he was chopping wood but apart from sending me into a dithering mess, he just needs some love and kindness Me, me, me I ll love him Which is where Ragnhild comes in, she and her sister are fleeing her brother in law who is all set on murdering both the sisters To save herself and her sister from an unthinkable fate, she accepts the position to be the wife of a warrior who has now set himself up on a deserted island She doesn t know what to expect as she has never even laid eyes on the man, but she knows that this is their only chance Their first meeting doesn t exactly go well to begin with, he is so damn rude but she senses there is something beneath all that grumbling.What I love about Ragnhild is that she isn t what would be classed as beautiful, she s not this frozen goddess with flowing blonde hair, she is a very an ordinary woman with scars and flaws She is feisty, protective, loyal, strong, kind, caring, nurturing and has so much love bottled up just waiting to be unleashed on someone But she has been through a lot, and because of her past she is highly self conscious, fragile, frightened and unaware just how remarkable she is She is just a wonderfully real and relatable character, who I instantly connected with.Reading this is like a feature length episode of Viking s, all those glorious Viking warriors, history and superstition and they really were a superstitious lot, weren t they Intriguing, romantic, entertaining, alluring, enchanting, beautifully written and engaging are just a few terms to describes just how magical this book is I love the how detailed it is from the traditional Viking Yule season to all the superstitions from lucky charms to catching the Nissar you have to read the book to find out about that one The character s are beautifully created, the journey to their happily ever after is fraught with distrust, having to over come personal misgivings and learning to open their hearts to love They are a compelling and courageous couple who really are the backbone of the story.This is the perfect festive Viking romance, one which I cannot recommended enough.

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    I enjoyed this book , Ragnhild and Gunner story It also had Characters from other books I have read of Michelle Styles Maybe we will meet Svana Ragnhild little sister, in her own story.

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    I received an early review copy of this book and I could hardly put it down I loved the fact that Ragnhild is an imperfect heroine, not stereotypically beautiful, but capable and compassionate Her relationship with her younger sister another great character is genuinely touching and Gunnar is a really attractive hero, grumpy but with a hidden soft side I particularly enjoyed the domestic scenes and the tension was perfectly paced Definitely recommended.

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    I ve enjoyed Michelle Styles s books for some time now, and this one did not disappoint A lovely, well written, action packed romance that carried me away just when I needed some great escapism.

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    I loved this story This is the second story of this author I ve read and I thourghly enjoyed it Meeting Ragn and Gunnar was such a joy She brought the story to life from start to finish You could feel the insecurities that Ragn had It had great plot twists that kept you guessing to the end I wonder which viking will be written about next My wish is for Maurr But till we meet again between the pages.

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    Gunnar Olafson s heart died when his family was killed He liked the isolation of his remote farmstead and then Ragnhid and her sister arrived on his doorstep as his bride Ragnhid had never met Gunnar but she was running from a brutal brother in law and agreed to come sight unseen to protect her sister Once there, Gunnar had no choice but to take them in after Ragnhid offered to be his housekeeper As time went on, she returned the farmhouse to its former glory, help to tend his animals, became a favorite of his tenants and helped her sister heal from her injuries inflicted by her brother in law When the Yuletide came, Ragnhid had completely transformed life on the farmstead Gunnar s frozen heart started to melt Is there a HEA for them after all I hadn t read one of this author s books for a long time and surely missed out This Viking romance is page turning The characters are well drawn and believable The plot is believable and steady Great story with accurate historical background.

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    I ve been waiting to read Sent as the Viking s Bride by Michelle Styles since I first saw the cover reveal This is actually the first Viking story I have read and I must say it was everything I hoped it to be and Who doesn t love a brooding and handsome Viking Especially when he s adamant about not wanting a wife Gunnar Olafson was a great hero once you get past the mask he portrays He s proud, kind, loyal and has a soft heart, especially towards Ragnhild s younger sister Svana.Ragnhild was a wonderful heroine and I liked her from the very beginning She s been through a lot physically and mentally but yet she s a fighter She s strong and willing to do anything to protect her younger sister Yet she has a vulnerability about her when it comes to her looks and how remarkable she really is.Since this was my first Viking story, I wasn t really sure what to expect I loved how detailed Ms Styles writing is and I could easily imagine being in that time period This was a beautifully written story set at Christmas time with suspense, intrigue and a romance between two people who truly deserved a HEA Ms Styles also included several memorable secondary characters that I wouldn t mind reading about in the future I loved Ragnhild Gunnar s story and l will definitely be reading Viking stories in the future Highly recommend

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    This is my first or second Viking romance I can t say enough how much I loved this book and its characters Gunnar comes off initially as rude and horribly brusque after the long, dangerous sea journey Ragn and her young sister Svana have made But it isn t long before Ragn demonstrates her abilities, cleverness, and wisdom He comes to appreciate the heroine for her many endearing qualities and finds himself drawn to her I loved the romance, the characters, and the intrigue and danger posed by Ragn s brother in law who wants her dead and the warrior who has his sights set on Gunnar s property.

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    This week s book came to me from the author contacting me to see if I d be interested in reading and reviewing her book And I m glad I said yes because I m due for my fix of Vikings and this is right up that alley.We start off this book with Gunnar and his best friend at Jul I think this is kind of like our modern day New Years Eve for vikings where he s just been given land Fast forward almost a year and we are now with Ragnhild Ragn and her sister Svana I was a little confused at this point who was who, I don t know if that s because I was tired when I started reading this book or whether the writing wasn t very clear but it only took a couple of pages for me to figure out what was going on Ragn and Svana are on a boat on their way to what I gathered to be either Iceland, Greenland or Scotland from their viking homeland, fleeing from Ragn s brother in law who murdered her husband and destroyed her lands Without even getting anywhere in the book there was already so much drama and so many possibilities for things to go wrong, go right, twist to happen for it all to sort itself out.Some of the things I really enjoyed about this book was that even though Ragn and Gunnar obviously like each other they are both super scared to admit it, they are scared to relinquish control of their lives to anyone else and they are both burned by previous relationships making this all the harder I feel like with most relationships if someone has been burned before it s only one of them, not both So this was a difference that I thought was really well written and made you really feel for the other character as the one who we re following at the time struggles to figure out and accept their own feelings and history.Svana on the other hand started the book with epileptic fits, a lazy eye, a limp and A LOT of fears that were driving her behaviours To me it feels so stupid that people should fear her because of these unfortunate defects that she can t help In modern day epilepsy is treated with medication I ve known a few people with this and it s managed , a lazy eye if caught early can be trained to be normal I ve experienced this myself , a limp that could have been caused by anything, including running for her life And of course her fears Who wouldn t fear dogs when they ve been hunted down by them Who wouldn t fear someone fearing them when it s always resulted in being hit or punished in the past To read how Gunnar and others worked together to cure her fears and slowly work on her other issues was amazing The fact that her epilepsy slowly calmed down and went away speaks to the truth of them being caused by a head injury not her being a witch says it all for how ignorant people could be back then which makes me super happy to be in a world with less fear and judgement I m not saying that the world is without fear or judgement, but I think it s largely better than it has been throughout history.To wrap things up we got an epic display of political moves, outsmarting each other, planning ahead and counter planning ahead To have the trust of those around you to do what they can to protect each other, to live for each other and most of all to fight for each other is amazing It was definitely hard won trust for a few people and grudging respect from others but they got there and ended up making the perfect team that achieved exactly what you set out to do And of course there was a happy ending for the whole family that made me really happy and immediately made me want to jump into another Michelle Styles novel Hopefully you ll see another one of her books come up in the new year.

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